Nikola v7.1.0 released!

On behalf of the Nikola team, I am pleased to announce the release of Nikola v7.1.0.

Nikola v7.1.0 is a bugfix/feature release. It fixes quite a few bugs of v7.0.1 discovered in the intervening 3 months (sorry it took so long!), and also adds a few more features.

Get it!

Nikola v7.1.0 is available for download at GitHub and PyPI.



  • Error out when reST gists cannot be downloaded (Issue #1402)

  • Added a “Skip to content” link for accessibility (Issue #1345)

  • Added minify_lines filter to strip leading whitespace and empty lines

  • Added Google Closure Compiler JavaScript filter

  • Print full tracebacks for errors

  • Added USE_SLUGIFY (defaults to True). If it’s False, Nikola allows and generates almost any Unicode character in page URLs (Issue #1321)

  • sources for .html files are now copied as .src.html (Issue #1354)

  • Copy files/*.html verbatim (skip filters)

  • Don’t generate STORY_INDEX if there is a conflicting story

  • Added support for enclosures (via optional enclosure metadata tag) (Issue #1322)


  • Fixed some margins for RTL text (Issue #1399)

  • Fixed sitemapindex filtering of non-sitemap XMLs

  • rebuild posts when metadata changes (Issue #1319)

  • Allow + in slugs (Issue #1344)

  • fix error message when tags that are too similar are found (Issues #1343, #1344)

  • serve .svgz with content-encoding: gzip (Issue #1380)

  • html5.js file for ancient IE now works outside of / (Issue #1372)

  • PHP compiler now removes metadata comments the usual way (Issue #1374)

  • PHP compiler’s permalinks were .html instead of .php (Issue #1373)

  • Fixed importing WordPress blogs outside of / (Issue #1368)

  • Fixed importing WordPress blogs without slugs (Issue #1364)

  • don’t forget query parts of links (Issue #1369)

  • Made posts that are directive-only work properly (Issue #1351)

  • Made mathjax work with stories (Issue #1355)

  • Fixed regeneration after change of NAVIGATION_LINKS

  • Made nikola bootswatch_theme compatible with Jinja themes

  • Fixed submenus in Jinja themes (Issue #1327)

  • Quietly ignore empty lines in bundles files

  • Fixed wrong filter order in post_list plugin (Issue #1365)


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