Version 5.5.1 released

I am happy to share the latest release of Nikola a static site and blog generator.

This version includes several bugfixes and new features, including but not limited to:


  • New FEED_LENGTH option, defaults to 10 (Issue #549)

  • Added no-cache headers to nikola serve (Issue #545)

  • New mincss command, removes unused and redundant CSS (Issue #364)

  • New chart directive based on pygal

  • Update of IPython plugin to work with the upcoming IPython 1.0


  • Remove cache/ when running nikola clean (Issue #558)

  • Mark bundles as "cleanable" (Issue #558)

  • Made nikola help much more resilient against broken (Issue #550)

  • Show docinfo part of docutils output (Issue #556)

  • Exit with error code when there is an error (Issue #543)

  • Revamped requirements.txt — now requirements.txt contains the required dependencies and requirements-full.txt contains the optional ones (Issue #547)

  • Fixed bug in example usage of install_theme.

  • Better help text for bootswatch command.

  • Fixed installation under pip 1.4 or later (pytz and yapsy versions must be hardcoded due to crazy versioning schemes)

  • Added .rst to the default reStructuredText extensions (via Issue #542)

  • Moved the sample site to the new one-file format (Issue #542)

  • Escape HTML in titles (Issue #537)

  • Fixed issues with index pages indices (Issue #532)

  • Fixed IPython plugin to work with the latest IPython.nbconvert machinery

  • Fixed failing build because of hidden folders and files inside post folder


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