Nikola 1.1 is out!

A simple yet powerful and flexible static website and blog generator, based on doit, mako, docutils and bootstrap.

I built this to power this very site you are reading, but decided it may be useful to others. The main goals of Nikola are:

  • Small codebase: because I don't want to maintain a big thing for my blog

  • Fast page generation: Adding a post should not take more that 5 seconds to build.

  • Static output: Deployment using rsync is smooth.

  • Flexible page generation: you can decide where everything goes in the final site.

  • Powerful templates: Uses Mako

  • Clean markup for posts: Uses Docutils

  • Don't do stupid builds: Uses doit

  • Clean HTML output by default: Uses bootstrap

  • Comments out of the box: Uses Disqus

  • Tags, with their own RSS feeds

  • Easy way to do a blog

  • Static pages outside the blog

  • Multilingual blog support (my own blog is english + spanish)

I think this initial version achieves all of those goals, but of course, it can be improved. Feedback is very welcome!

Nikola's home page is currently


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