Nikola 1.2 is out!

Version 1.2 of Nikola, my static site generator and the software behind this very site, is out!

Why build static sites? Because they are light in resources, they are future-proof, because it's easy, because they are safe, and because you avoid lockin.

New Features:

  • Image gallery (just drop pics on a folder)

  • Built-in webserver for previews (doit -a serve)

  • Helper commands to create new posts (doit -a new_post)

  • Google Sitemap support

  • A Handbook!

  • Full demo site included

  • Support for automatic deployment (doit -a deploy)

  • Client-side redirections

And of course the old features:

  • Write your posts in reStructured text

  • Clean, customizable page design (via bootstrap)

  • Comments via Disqus

  • Support any analytics you want

  • Build blogs with tags, feeds, feeds for your tags, indexes, and more

  • Works like a simple CMS for things outside your blog

  • Clean customizable templates using Mako

  • Pure python, and not a lot of it (about 600 lines)

  • Smart builds (doit only rebuilds changed pages)

  • Easy to extend and improve

  • Code displayed with syntax highlighting

Right now Nikola does literally everything I need, so if you try it and need something else... it's a good time to ask!

More info at


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